Family & General Dentistry In Burlington

As your trusted dental health provider, we want you to relax knowing that our family and general dentistry services offer everything you need to ensure your optimal health.

Teeth R Us Dental Centre, Burlington’s Dental Clinic

Our practice services your entire family from children to seniors and includes dental check-ups and cleanings, bonding, fillings and repairs, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns and caps, veneers and emergency services. We schedule routine check-ups for every member of your family. Regular check-ups involve a thorough scaling and polishing to remove deposits such as plaque and tartar buildup from tooth surfaces.

When needed, we’ll scale below the surface with the help of digital x-rays, this enables us to examine the state of your teeth below the gumline. Identifying dental problems and treating them early in their development is key to saving you unnecessary discomfort and money.

It’s only when you have the care, support, tools and knowledge you need to maintain your long-term dental health and perfect smile for life, that we’ll know we did our best work.