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How to Prep Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

Here at Teeth R Us Dental Centre, we do everything in our power to ensure that you receive and maintain the smile of your dreams via our quality array of dental care treatments and services.

And all this starts with knowing how to prep your child for their first dental visit!

In today’s blog, our team will be detailing how to prep your child for their first dental visit and why it’s so crucial that kids learn how to upkeep their dental health ASAP.

Why It’s Important For Children to Learn Oral Health Skills Young

It has been proven that children develop habits by the age of nine. That is why the Canadian Dental Association recommends that infants have their oral health assessed by a dentist within six months of the emergence of their first tooth or, alternatively, by their first birthday.

As with all aspects of oral health, prevention is better than treatment: beginning your child’s regular dental visits at this time and continuing them every six months grants your dentist the opportunity to keep your child’s smile in good health and help them formulate good habits for life.

Other benefits of beginning your child’s dental visits at this recommended age include:

  • The opportunity for your dentist to put “sealant” over teeth that are at risk of decay to prevent damage
  • Providing x-rays that may show hidden decay between teeth which can subsequently be treated
  • Examining the mouth to determine if overcrowding may become a problem in the future and what can be done about it

How to Prep Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

Depending on your child’s personality, going into a professional space may intimidate them. 

To mitigate this, it is advised to read books about oral health with your child and/or watch informational videos together that showcase the average process of visiting a dentist. Chat with them about positive experiences you yourself have had at the dentist and how the dental professionals they will be visiting are there to help your child’s teeth look and feel their best.

Our professionals here at Teeth R Us Dental Centre are well-versed in helping kids feel comfortable and safe in our environment. At your child’s first appointment, we will also ensure to go over the current state of your child’s oral health and what could be improved at home to keep their smile healthy. 

If your child is anxious or uncertain about their visit, a tip is to have them practice opening their mouth like a dentist would to check their teeth. Utilizing a small spoon for this is an effective way of helping your child anticipate what the process will feel like and how long it will take.

Have any further questions about how to prep your child for their first dental visit? Reach out to us today; we’re always happy to help!

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